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WeShare can give you a variety of digital tools
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ePROs<br />
data collection

QOL: A library of validated ePROs assembled by  quality of life research and  social sciences and humanities experts applied to oncology is available to be used in your study via the WeShare platform.

  • Mobile / Computer Browser / Tablet compatible
  • Intuitive, utilisateur-friendly multilingual interface
  • Definition of the ePROs parameters by the sponsor/researcher in full autonomy

Our eConsent enables efficient and accurate decentralized trial data capture with standard single and dual signature.

  • Mobile / Computer Browser / Tablet compatible

A comprehensive web-based randomization service for clinical trials conceptualized with WeShare’s biostatistician advisers.

Study<br />
  • Manage study notifications, visits, tasks and ePROs according to study calendar
  • Monitor and manage your research participants through the study
  • Mobile / Computer Browser / Tablet compatible
  • Definition of the study parameters by the sponsor/researcher in full autonomy

passive data

WeShare is working to enable data collection and storage from IT devices such as smart scales and watches, pulse oximeters.

Video features

and automated transcription
for qualitative research

WeShare is building an automated transcription assistant for audio and video data to be used in qualitative and mixed methods research.

Citizen community

Researcher community & Citizen Comunity for all, patients, healthy individuals, users, citizen

Automated remote data capture

WeShare is working to enable connection with Health Electronic Records and electronic medical records HL7 FHIR data format for data import and export.

Automated Psychometric Scores including QOL scores

Automated Psychometric Scores & QOL scores

WeShare is working to provide a web-based system of automated scoring of psychometrics tests and QOL questionnaires used in social sciences and humanities research applied to oncology.

Coding Dictionary

or coding tools for
qualitative research

Ensure coding, interoperability and reuse of qualitative data

ePROs Reversal

in electronic medical records

ePros / ePros scores can be transferred directly to medical records