WeShare infrastructure and workpackages

Discover the WeShare Infrastructure, its advantages and its organisation in workpackages

WeShare Advantages

  • Made by researchers for researchers with no commercial interests other than being self-sustaining, offering cutting edge technology for conducting research
  • Optimized patient experience and retention through enabling research participants to easily provide data and stay updated with the study tasks from home
  • Provide researchers optimal tools to easily implement their research studies
  • Contribution to the advancement of research through the construction of a standardized, public data repository


WeShare is organized in two main workpackages and three
supporting workpackages
as illustrated on the figure below.

WP1 – Technical development: A dedicated work package to technological development will be focused on development of the equipment. This will be led by Unicancer in collaboration with the partners who have already developed a tool that will be incorporated. Collaboration with French SMEs is anticipated for some specific aspect of the development. This workpackage include the following: 1.1 Core platform construction and maintenance; 1.2 interconnection development; 1.3 new modules development; and 1.4 security.

WP2 – Scientific development and standardization: This will be led Gustave Roussy in association with all the partners. Collaborations with several national key opinion leaders are established. This workpackage will include the following: 2.1 Expression of needs - for the development of the tools to be incorporated in the webplatform; 2.2 Projects development and support - organized within the dedicated committees described in the Governance; 2.3 Standardization; and 2.4 Dissemination and international collaboration.

Workpackage 3 – Legal and ethical oversee:  This will be led by Unicancer  in collaboration with all partners. This will assure full compliance with national and European regulations of participants and data protection.


Workpackage 4- Valorization and sustainability: This will be led by Unicancer. This work package will assure WeShare arrive to sustainability at the end of the 8-year project. It will develop the economic model.


Workpackage 5 – Management of the project: This will be led Unicancer in collaboration with all partners.