Data Request Process Overview

WeShare provides a data-sharing and analytics platform to serve all domains of the international research community in social sciences and humanities applied to oncology. This will only be available for the end of the first WeShare studies

Researchers may search for studies, request data packages, and analyze data sets within a secure research environment provided by WeShare.

Data request process step by step

1 Search

Search WeShare platform for information about available studies

2 Request individual patient level datasets

Fill a data request form including information on your research proposal: research team, requested datasets, research rationale and objectives, data analysis plan.

If you need help to construct your data request, benefit from the help of experts in quality of life, social sciences and humanities applied to oncology with the ability of interrogate the research community.

WeShare Scientific Expertise Board

Each data request will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee which may:

  • Approve data request
  • Ask for further clarifications (e.g. clarifications on data analysis plan)
  • Deny data request (e.g. data available in WeShare does not allow to accomplish study objectives)

3 Access

Data utilisateur agreement is signed
Data from approved requests can be accessed in WeShare’s secure environment

4 Analyze

Use analytical tools available in WeShare platform to combine and analyze multiple datasets

5 Disseminate

Researchers are expected to perform a public disclosure of their results within 12 months of concluding analysis. Proper mention to the WeShare platform should be included in the acknowledgement section of any public disclosure made by the researchers according to WeShare’s utilisateur manual and data utilisateur agreement.

Researcher Community